PAM1005: 12.5ml Tree Injector

PAM1005: 12.5ml Tree Injector

Delivery weight: 0.195 kg
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  • Adjustable dose setting with dose range from 3ml to 12.5ml in 0.5ml increments.
  • Spear length of 7cm with lateral holes at 2cm and 3cm.
  • Low force required to inject stem.
  • Easy disassembling for cleaning.
  • Backpacks and Service Kits available.



Product Note Status Price
WX1412: 2 Hole Spear Nozzle WX1412: 2 Hole Spear Nozzle
Delivery weight: 0.026 kg
WX1410: Major Service Kit WX1410: Major Service Kit
Delivery weight: 0.018 kg
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