PM1160: 25ml Powered Injector

PM1160: 25ml Powered Injector

Delivery weight: 1.44 kg
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  • Comes with WX1567 Spear and Brace.
  • Australian Air and gas fittings standard.
  • All other countries Air and Gas fittings available on request.
  • Nozzle Kits to fit spear sold separately.
  • Service Kits available.



Product Note Status Price
WX1770: Flat Banana Nozzle WX1770: Flat Banana Nozzle
Delivery weight: 0.1 kg
WX1567: 2 Hole Spear Nozzle WX1567: 2 Hole Spear Nozzle
Delivery weight: 0.05 kg
WX1548: Service Kit WX1548: Service Kit
Delivery weight: 0.01 kg
WX1568: Cylinder Service Kit WX1568: Cylinder Service Kit
Delivery weight: 0.076 kg
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